Talking To Your Boss About Why Social Media Matters

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: May 11, 2016


[quote align=”left”]“If anyone pushes back about social ROI, ask your marketing team if they’re still buying print.”    -Ian Lurie[/quote] 

If you work in marketing, you’re likely challenged on proving why social matters. Here are some helpful responses to use if you find yourself in a similar situation.

  1. People like to do business with people, not companies. In social, a company is able to interact with people as a person. Social media’s worth is often shown in the relationships built with customers. So let down the walls of business jargon, and get out there and talk to customers like the people they are, instead of speaking with a “me-first” attitude.
  1. Listening to what people say on social can help every team member of the organization, not just the marketing department. By simply tuning into what your customers are saying online, you’re better armed to not just respond appropriately to the customer, but pass along critical consumer feedback to other areas of the organization – the leadership team, product development, the sales force, or even human resources. Social is not a silo. Customers are talking, are you listening?
  1. Key analytical data is available within social media platforms, but it means nothing if you don’t know what metrics are important to your organization. Work with your team to understand what performance indicators are truly important for your business. To quote Brian Solis, “If you come to me with a request for budget and resources for social media, to make it a priority for our business, you will lose every time…If you tie social media to our business priorities and objectives and demonstrate how engagement will enable “progress, you will win every time. Social media must be an enabler to our business, just show me how. – Your CEO.”

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