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Clean Up Your Local Business Listings

Multi-location businesses face unique challenges in the management, optimization, and distribution of local business listing information. Accuracy is critical for every business, but those with a number of locations must also master scale.

For businesses with a local footprint, local search is the critical path to online presence. Listings, which are now easily heralded “the new yellow pages,” are an essential building block of that local search presence. But local business data on the web has always been a mess, suffering from a combination of marrying conflicting information from multiple sources and lack of awareness by the businesses themselves.


The Challenge

Local listings are often broken. The ecosystem is fragmented. Consumers use dozens of sites and apps like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, and more – but each of those sites and apps has its own database of locations that are totally disconnected. When information changes, everything falls out of sync. Then, to top it all off, it can take weeks and months to update, reclaim your listing, and ensure that it adjusts to the correct information online. This presents a frustrating experience for the business that has no control over their own local listings, and most importantly, the customer trying to find the business.

The Solution

With a network of over 50 publishers reaching over 150 million users every month, Envano has worked with many of our customers to clean up and easily manage local business listings ensuring customers can easily find and get to their location.

Helping to claim, control, and deliver local content through one local data distribution network, Envano will sync business details across more than 50 search engines, apps and mapping services, including Bing, Facebook, Yahoo! and Yelp. Using a platform with direct API publisher integrations means your information is always presented correctly and updated immediately.

See How Your Business Is Listed: https://www.yext.com/partner/envanoinc/diagnostic.html