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Rapid Communication Through Social Business

More and more companies are leveraging social tools for growth, embedding them into core business processes and capabilities. These social business models are used, not only to communicate better with customers, but also to share knowledge with business partners, suppliers and, perhaps most important, employees. Social business creates valued customer experiences, increased workforce productivity and effectiveness, and accelerated innovation.

But many companies still wrestle with the organizational and cultural challenges posed by these new ways of work. While you struggle to see the value of social media integration into everyday business, other companies are gaining momentum. Vermeer, AGCO, and Ariens Company are a few who have yielded tangible and monetary results and proved the success and opportunity found within social business initiatives – in many cases, engaging and arming dealers with knowledge to effectively sell products and creating a real time connection between salespeople and corporate teams to increase profit margins.

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Helping Innovate 25% Faster

With the goal of increasing productivity, promoting innovation, and speeding communication throughout internal silos and external partners, Envano worked with Ariens Company to develop a strategy for rapid collaboration. With social business as a driver, that strategy entailed determining the right people and the right processes, before choosing a tool to get teams to interact and work faster.

Today, without a big, expensive system, Ariens and Envano facilitate private, online communities for sales and marketing, customer service, and dealer groups. With 90+ employees and more than 20 dealers involved, Ariens continues to break down communication silos, astound customers by getting answers in minutes and hours rather than days and weeks, and has increased innovation and internal collaboration by helping teams to better work together.

Why Become a Social Business?

A solid strategy is the foundation of social business and their success. We’ve found that social business initiatives are often catalysts to addressing and improving key organizational objectives.

Many companies like to think they operate and communicate with ready access to valuable information, transparently shared ideas, and authentic engagement. In reality – with hundreds of emails crowding inboxes – we spend around 33% of our workweek just searching for information. Imagine the competitive advantage and the increases in efficiency if much of this information is available or openly discussed; if your teams could quickly and efficiently identify opportunities and address them.

Companies today, especially manufacturers, are thriving – finding success and opportunity within social business initiatives. In many cases, engaging and arming dealers with knowledge to effectively sell products and creating a real connection between sales people and corporate teams to increase profit margins.