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Complex Data & Your User Experience Through Responsive Design

The digital landscape is ubiquitous – a characteristic that epitomizes both its power and its perplexity. In order to keep up, while constantly ensuring an efficient way to reach buyers, companies must prepare in advance for the future of their interactive presence – mobile. Envano’s goal is to help transition towards interactive business hinged on a future friendly philosophy and implemented through new and evolving technical approaches like responsive web design. Our effort behind this philosophy is twofold, to acknowledge and embrace unpredictability while focusing on audience needs, context and content, and staying ahead of what’s coming around the corner next.

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The Challenge With CMS

Historically, large content management systems like SharePoint and Sitecore tend not to have a very user-friendly front end, at least not by default. They are excellent for managing business data but don’t usually translate to an appealing virtual storefront from a customer perspective. Layering the need for a desktop version that differs from a tablet or mobile experience only makes dealing with complex data systems more difficult. But with the right strategy and team in place, it’s possible to create a user friendly, mobile friendly website tied to a complex CMS using responsive web design.

Working With Your Team

In many cases, our clients have the developer resources within their internal teams to fully understand and tackle the back end system. What they come to Envano for is help with strategy, design, front-end code, and tying it all together.

Over the last 15 years, our work with the Ariens Company, including brands like Ariens and Gravely has hinged on consistently modernizing their websites for mobile to feed their voracious social audience.

In 2013, Envano was tasked to increase visibility while highlighting the steadfast reliability and honest value that makes the 100 year old Gravely brand stand up to its name – while staying up on the trends of interactive user experience. Using responsive web design implementation, the new site ensures the Gravely brand is available wherever and whenever professional landscapers need it – on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device – while still making it easy for internal content management through SharePoint. Calling out what professional landscapers are most interested in knowing about, Gravely’s content is optimized for audience engagement, search engines and social interaction.

On a similar note, when Ariens Corporate wanted to showcase the diversification of their company both geographically and structurally, Envano helped to provide a single location for audiences seeking information about Ariens Company as a whole. The responsive web designed Ariens Co. site automatically adjusts content based on the screen size of the viewing device, maximizing each page depending on the viewer’s screen resolution. This will help ensure AriensCo.com is future friendly as more people switch to mobile devices for their Internet browsing. AriensCo.com is a SharePoint driven site recently featured onTopSharePoint.com.

In both situations, teaming up with Ariens internal development team resulted in quality sites, built efficiently and with good collaboration – with each team member contributing what they know best. Working with multiple groups and external teams is not only something we thrive on, but also something we enjoy.