Two Decades of Serving You

The year is 2001. Harry Potter is one of the most popular movies, U2 was going off the charts, and Nokia launched its first phone with a built-in camera. While the world was transforming into the 21st century, we were at the beginning of something new. On August 29, 2001, Envano started diving deep into the realm of digital.

Over the course of 20 years, we have helped industry leaders, big and small, by navigating through the digital landscape while also delivering exceptional customer experience. From proven technology to our servant-leader workforce, we have the right tools and resources necessary for you to become successful.

Our team’s goal has always been to help you find your place in the ever-changing digital world. We live for the adventure of creating dynamic solutions for our clients, from bringing a brand to life, to establishing your social media presence, or handcrafting a state-of-the-art mobile-friendly website.

We invite you to enjoy a few blasts from the past, and then journey with us into the next 20 years!

“we have helped industry leaders, big and small,”

The Envano Story

Envano began by guiding equipment manufacturers into the new and treacherous digital landscape. Back in 2001, the “dot bomb” had just hit as a result of companies overhyping their ability to catapult their clients’ companies beyond their competitors. Around every turn was someone looking to sell massive miracle enterprise solutions that would lead to efficiencies unlike anything seen before.

Contrary to many firms & agencies who were looking to create custom software packages designed to sustain dependencies between the company and agency, Envano scouted ahead and tirelessly researched and tested established and emerging technologies in order to pair the best solutions with the business objectives of our clients.

Large agencies across the globe started getting in on the new digital trends. The same approach that served them in traditional advertising was now being employed in digital.

The old model:

  • Reach out to prospects interested in digital services.
  • Create a proposal or answer a request for proposal.
  • Compete with other agencies and win the ability to start a project.
  • Go into the agency backroom and collaborate amongst themselves until they have created their masterpiece.
  • Unveil their amazing push campaign to spread far and wide and win trophies.

For your listening pleasure: jam out like it’s 2001!

The Envano approach:

  • Serve foundational clients to the best of our ability.
  • Earn referrals to clients that are in similar industries but producing products that don’t compete.
  • Meet with prospects and listen carefully.
  • Leverage our shared experiences and expertise to tackle a business problem.
  • Crush that business problem and create momentum using tactics that allow for two-way communication between brands and their audience.

In the beginning, we were so solution focused that we were diving into projects after loosely defining the problems and objectives without formalizing the details that would go into the projects. As success took hold and projects grew in size, so too did the processes which guided the client and Envano teams.

“Meet with prospects and listen carefully.”

Technology trends were emerging that blurred the lines between marketers and IT professionals. Websites no longer existed as print pieces broadcast on the internet, they had to adapt to the devices that displayed the content and allow for users to engage with the content. Envano pioneered this shift as our developers pushed the limits of what was possible to allow for content to “respond” to the devices the content displayed on.

As we honed our skills in responsive web design and development for mobile devices, we found an ever-increasing need for compelling content to inform, entertain and connect with audiences. We expanded our team to include a content creator, now known as a digital storyteller.

Social media was also gaining traction as brands sought out professionals to manage their channels and promote their businesses through audience engagement. The dangers of allowing social media savvy interns to manage a brand’s public communication on Facebook was becoming very apparent as horror stories moved beyond trade communication to the nightly news. Envano assisted by facilitating social channels on the behalf of brands as well as creating communication guides for internal teams to foster a more consistent brand voice.

At this point, things were changing fast. Our client base had rapidly expanded from manufacturing to include healthcare, children’s apparel, banking and even a blog for “The Biggest Loser” winners, Ali and Bette-Sue.

Our office space was also undergoing a transformation. We moved from a professional but small office space into a much larger office which allowed for future expansion. As we grew, we kept our Midwest feet on the ground. Trips to IKEA helped us fill out the new space. The modern yet modest space kept the emphasis on our people and clients. The trend at the time was to throw away outdated cubicles, and offer lots of table space for people to float around, or to cram them all into a room decked out like a flea market. We opted for half walls that provide some privacy while still allowing conversations to happen spontaneously. An entrance wall welcomes guests into the space while eliminating the awkwardness of walking into an open office space in which all eyes turn to you.

This emphasis on people provides continuity between the physical space we work in and the virtual environments we develop for our partners. We love to welcome visitors to our space either in person or virtually. We can show you a glimpse into the future that your company will want to adventure to!

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