Google Changes their Algorithm … Again

By Sara Sommercorn, Digital Storyteller

Published: December 14, 2011

Recently, Google changed its algorithm to provide its users with the most relevant search results as quickly as possible. This update will further reduce rankings for low-quality sites and give enhanced position to high-quality sites.

Here are highlights of the most important updates:

  • Choosing text from page content rather than from headers or menus. Text, text, text!
  • De-duplicating boilerplate link anchors – Links in headers, footers and blog rolls will not help your rankings and only be used once.
  • Fresher, more recent results – Google will provide preference to newer, time-oriented content. Thus, blog and social media content needs more frequent updating.
  • Better position for results related to specified date ranges – Sites that list current events and up-to-date content will get preferential treatment.
  • Official page detection – Official websites will rank higher, and industry leaders will get better placement in search results.

How does this affect companies and search results? According to Google, these changes will improve the search quality. Companies need to make sure they have high-quality, rich content on their website. They must also enhance their content regularly, inclusive of newly published pages, blog posts and social media updates.

Change, change and more change, which is why having Envano in your brand’s court is so valuable!