Social Business and Collaboration: “Get Social or Be Left Behind”

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: October 31, 2012

What will you accomplish if your field sales has a direct line of communication with corporate? If you have real time access to your community of channel partners? What if sales, marketing, and customer service teams were aligned, united, and communicated freely?

Resolving these common business pains will:

The Keys to Innovation: Social Enterprise and Collaboration Envano White Paper

  • Alleviate company and brand disconnect
  • Foster positive relationships
  • Improve working environments
  • Increase productivity

These are not lofty goals thanks to social business collaboration. Fundamentally, social business creates private online communities that help bridge the gap and build relationships between internal teams, channel and partner networks, or end consumers.

The recent surge in social business platforms indicates social enterprise is here to stay. Either business gets social or gets left behind. But the question is not whether you use Chatter, Facebook, Yammer, Google+ or any other technology, the question is how you focus on the people and the process involved and how quickly you get started.

As with any engagement tool, start with an implementation strategy within your organization to effectively build the community. Check out our additional resources: The Keys to Innovation, Social Business and Collaboration for more on the success and ROI of social enterprise. As always, Envano Social Media Experts can help coach you through the challenges and help you succeed.