Words Matter: Interactive Strategy to Hook Two Crucial Audiences

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: April 24, 2013

If you are developing interactive content such as websites, videos, blog posts, etc. focused only on your target audience, you’re doing things all wrong. If you are looking to solidify your competitive edge and obtain market share and visibility, from now on you’ll write for two audiences: humans and search engines.

Yes, humans are the target market that responds to and engages with your content and calls to action, ultimately converting to customers. But, without search engines you lack the visibility necessary to even begin building relationships with prospective customers.

SEO content strategy addresses common problems around efficiently and effectively reaching buyers. Create content that is not only compelling and actionable, but that is keyword rich and remains in the good graces of search engines and you will quickly understand Envano’s core equation of Relationships = Visibility + Engagement; with visibility in terms of search, engagement with your customers and relationships quickly translated into dollars and brand longevity. (Stay tuned for our upcoming post on PTO aka People and Traffic Optimization)

As in many situations, pleasing everyone is a balancing act. Here are a few interactive strategy tips to help you increase search visibility while hooking your target audience:

  • Write compelling and unique content. Make it original and share your expertise. Since the latest Google algorithm update, quality content is rewarded exponentially in search results.
  • Include keywords relevant to your products or services that you want to rank for. Keyword density of the main theme of the page in the 5% range.
  • Always include clear title tags that contain keywords and support your central message.
Content optimized for search and unique to your audience is a factor in obtaining market share – reaching and engaging a larger set of potential customers through increased search visibility.

Take a look at this Envano word cloud. It is a visual representation of the keywords and phrases within our website. It identifies Envano as interactive specialists focused on keep our customers at the forefront of innovation – building relationships, engagement, and delivering impact – by providing interactive business solutions and strategy around social, mobile, search engine optimization, and web design. Seeing these keywords tells us that we are doing a good job optimizing for search while continuing to tell a compelling story about why, how, and what we do.

Envano Interactive Green Bay Word Cloud

Word cloud evaluations are one of many tools, both qualitative and quantitative, that we use to analyze our content optimization efforts. As we continue to focus on content strategy and audience focus, we’ll dig deeper into tips for effectively developing content that drives actionable results. Keep an eye out for those tips. In the meantime, how do you make sure you are writing for your two crucial audiences?