Closed Loop Strategy for Greater Online Revenue

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: December 23, 2013

For many businesses, the Internet has become a significant revenue generator. Setting revenue targets for your website and projecting growth plans are a great start and look good on paper. However, if you haven’t mastered how to reach and nurture those who will spend money with you, you’ll find it hard to convert visitors into active customers.

Many businesses view pay per click (PPC) as the single online answer to their online revenue problems. While PPC is an important component of driving conversions, it is only one portion of a good plan.

On top of paid efforts, consider the impact of social. Since not all PPC campaigns convert into revenue immediately, businesses need to consider online customer acquisition, taking into account the entire digital sales funnel. When it comes to typical consumer behavior, most people browse online before purchasing from a new business. Many will become a fan or follow businesses on social media channels to get a feel for brand features and see how they interact with current customers before moving along in their buying cycle. That brand exposure and brand influence the first and most important step in hooking a potential new customer.

Social Media Sales Funnel
Today, purchasing online is not only about clicking through the checkout. It is also about the bottom line ‘customer experience,’ from exposure and engagement to sale and customer loyalty. Potential customers are taking additional steps to conduct research before making any purchase. As a result, businesses need to place more focus than ever on the content they are pushing out and the tone of voice portrayed on social channels, their website, their product pages and online as a whole. Now more than ever, customers can see everything and will quickly look to your competitors if they don’t see what they like. How are you using social and paid opportunities to contribute to higher online sales?