We Need Better Digital Leaders…

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: October 14, 2014


Digital technology is the biggest agitator of the business world today, according to Harvard Business Review. “Mobile technology, social media, cloud computing, embedded devices, big data, and analytics have radically changed the nature of work and competition — and digital innovations will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Technology has tremendous potential to be the engine of increasing human, organizational, and economic prosperity.”

However, although it usually makes the headlines in the latest products and new releases – technology is not what this is about. Digital transformation is what propels ready companies into the future.

“Fulfilling technology’s potential requires leaders to recreate the way their institutions operate in a world of digital ubiquity. Leaders need to engage their people in a process of redefining how they work and what their companies do. Digital transformation is therefore the key managerial imperative for today’s business leaders” — which is likely easier said than done.

Many companies in 2014, although they take on digital initiatives, are not truly embracing the potential that a digital transformation brings because 1) they don’t know how, 2) they aren’t “bought” into the new digital way of doing business, or 3) they don’t have the teams to carry out lasting change in process.

Bringing About A Digital Transformation In Your Business

Successfully becoming a good digital leader has three primary underpinnings:

  1. Digital leaders make smart investments in digital technology to innovate their customer engagements.
  2. Then, they build strong leadership capabilities to envision and drive transformation within their companies and their cultures.
  3. Finally, they embrace risk by themselves testing out new things and paint a clear vision for the future.

A digital or interactive business shift “does not require that you hire away Google’s top talent or spend 20% of revenue on technology every year.” It does, however, require time, perseverance, and a forward-thinking digital leader to guide the way. Connect with Envano to chat more about what it means to be an Interactive Business.