Planning Now For Your Future in Digital

By Nicole Ekström, Digital Marketing Strategist

Published: January 21, 2015


With more than 3 billion users in the world today, the Internet is hard to ignore and even harder to predict. However, with the growth of technology (especially when you consider that the Industrial Revolution lasted around 80 years), we can certainly count on being exponentially further in 10 years than we are today.

How do companies plan for this?

Stay proactive. Keep a close watch on advancements or engage with a partner who does. Unless you have a crystal ball, it’s hard to determine what changes will stick verses fade out quickly.

For companies that already have a heavy digital presence, you probably already have a strong interactive community. If you are performing at that caliber, then your No. 1 concern should be maintaining it.

Losing that presence can be detrimental to your brand.

Many companies already build marketing plans and budgets around their web presence, thus they want to know what is coming and should be open to thinking and preparing for the unpredictable.

Plan for what is next in digital, and where you fit. How do you, and how should you, play in that sandbox? Let’s chat!