Tapping The Power of Your Current Content

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: February 23, 2015

With a clear shift towards digital publishing, companies need to accelerate and streamline their content production to keep them accurate, up-to-date, and in sync with digital marketing channels. The days of unorganized content locked in PDFs, Flash flip books, and online magazines are over. Although digital, these formats are hard to consume and have proved to yield little traction.

Just as we’ve transitioned from print to digital, it’s time to reimagine interactive content once more and increase branded content consumption; giving your customers the information they need when, where and how they need it.

The Content Challenge

Consistently creating compelling content drives people to interactive properties, increasing opportunities for potential sales. This relevant content will engage customers and increase visibility better than any banner ad or pushy sales collateral, building a library of online assets with long-term value. Yet, a lack of content and difficulty with content creation are cited as the top two hindrances in deploying an effective content strategy.

However, most businesses have more content than they realize; the key to which is an archeological content dig. Think of it as you would any precious natural element. There is no value in gold, oil or natural gases in their state within the ground. It is not until you dig in, hit the vein, and mine for quality that you bring about value — and rapidly. Organizations have the same opportunity with an archeological content dig.

An archeological content dig, or content inventory, is the process of unearthing, collecting, organizing, and in some cases, reviewing and prioritizing past and current content within an organization.

Envano offers value in the process associated with an archeological content dig. We are the tools by which you find, dig, unearth, and purify the content; which in turn fosters additional engagement and thus, generates further content and opportunities. Such initiatives are better tackled by individuals or firms with an outside perspective, rather than internal teams or employees entrenched in the company, day-to-day, and often blind to internal content value or opportunity.

From Content Dig To Curation To Communication

In November 2013, a partner of ours launched one of many interactive tools with the goal of providing added value to a particular niche audience. The Vermeer Tree Views blog takes a fresh approach a previous tree care newsletter designed to provide Arborists with in-depth and relevant information about the tree care industry.

Prior to the launch of the blog, Tree Views manifested itself from an antiquated print magazine to a PDF digital format, known as Branching Out.

The goal was to educational content, previously in print or PDF form, to user friendly, online content that is responsive, searchable, trackable, and focuses on engagement and relationships with end user.

Leveraging existing content but reimagining it flowing in a new blog and by tying current social channels together, Envano helped to create an audience centric hub of valued content for Tree Care and Arbor Professionals that connects with them and to each other. TreeViews.com is a destination unto itself but secondarily brands Vermeer and works to send visitors to other Vermeer properties when they are ready.

Since launch, Tree Views has brought in more than 40,000 visitors, a handful of which have contacted a dealer for product information based on their consumption of blog content. Today, Tree Views is a thriving community.

As a result, this important, niche audience for a large international and diverse company now has access to valuable information that aids their day to day operations. And from a business perspective, Vermeer is positioned as an accessible, industry thought leader.

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