How to Separate Strategy from Tactics

By Tonita Proulx, Business Partnerships

Published: April 23, 2016

Often, we use the terms strategy and tactics interchangeably and in a haphazard manner. Make note: the two are not remotely the same, yet they must work in tandem to achieve business success. If you have strategy without tactics you have big thinkers and no action. If you have tactics without strategy, you have disorder.

For many businesses, it’s easy to throw time and effort at the tactics, but unless they succinctly align with an overarching and long-term strategy, the results are more often than not, costly, time consuming, and with no real value to the business or the customers.

Separating the Two

Strategy is the ‘what’ part of your equation – what are you trying to accomplish; while tactics answer the question of ‘how.’ As such, a strategy is a larger, overall plan that can combine several tactics. It seems like a no-brainer in theory. But in reality, many businesses still get it wrong. Here are a few quick tips to help separate strategy from tactics:

  1. Slow Down. A common mistake is to rush right into tactics without a strategy. This is a result of the shiny technology, the new platforms, and the buzz that comes with the latest tips and trends.
  2. Create a Clear Vision. The strategy acts as the vision for company or digital growth. Make sure yours is clear and well communicated to everyone involved. Your strategy will fall flat on its face if you don’t create it with the purpose to achieve business goals. Make sure strategy ties directly back to tangible and recognizable business successes, so tactics can follow suit.
  3. And Document It. Write it all down! It’s much easier to disregard a strategy, vision, and tactics when it remains ambiguous or conceptual. Out of sight, out of mind.

Envano’s Approach to Strategy vs. Tactics

There’s a lot that makes Envano different, but let’s cut to the chase. Others we come across these days are ‘doers.’ You tell them to build an app, they build it. You tell them you want a website, they don’t question it. You say jump and they say ‘how high?’

Envano isn’t like that. That’s not to say we don’t support our clients. We’ll support them 110%, but we do it in a way that constantly challenges them to do something better, something different.

Sure, we can do all ‘the stuff.’ But for Envano, it’s more than that. Anyone can provide a website. That’s a tactic.

This? This is a comprehensive digital experience and strategy designed to turn website visitors into leads. It’s an overall game plan to propel business forward. What everyone can’t do is dream up the solutions, develop the strategy, and follow a unique process to implementation.

This is the key to digital success. Let us prove it.