A Challenge to Leaders: What Is Passion Worth?

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: April 4, 2016

Think about your team. Think about your partners. Think about your industry and your market. Are you rewarding those who ‘kiss ass’ or suck up? Are you punishing those who challenge you? If you hesitated even the slightest bit in answering ‘no’ to either of these questions, read on.

Something is wrong. If you or your company tends to take the path of least resistance, it’s not because you’re lazy or because you find comfort in the status quo. It likely has to do with a company’s culture and your personal view of passion.

Ask yourself this question: do you value passion?

If you don’t have passion or don’t value passion in others you might find that you’re dragging yourself out of the bed for work every other morning, that you never go above and beyond in the call of duty, or that the company is just getting by and that’s okay with you.

When you, your teammates, or your partners do have passion you work harder, you work smarter, you are better focused, you set bigger goals, and you attract like-minded people. Here, passion is contagious and spreads like wildfire, ultimately propelling business forward. Innovators attract other innovators. Entrepreneurs attract fellow entrepreneurs. Out of a group of digital disruptors breeds other digital disruptors.

All which have an inherent aspiration to do something better. Passion fosters progress.

Time to Open Your Eyes: Our Challenge to You


If progress is few and far between in your company, you might attribute it to a lack of passion. To reignite a spark, identify passion and place a value on it. When a company and the employees find passion, it brings with it the fuel necessary to accomplish the hard and seemingly impossible things and break through roadblocks. By its nature, passion creates success.

We see it all the time with agencies and their clients. If you want a partner who is operative, follows simple tasks, and delivers a product, you likely don’t value passion.

If you want a partner who is passionate about your customers, passionate about your brand, passionate about finding new ways to do things better – all while delivering an industry leading digital result – you understand the value.

At Envano, our passion is clear. Many of us think about work all the time. In fact, we have trouble distinguishing whether we are working or playing.

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