Why Your Content Strategy is Failing

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: June 15, 2016

The key to breaking through today’s digital clutter hinges on telling a compelling story – a fact well understood by most leading marketers.

So, what do we do? We hit the ground running. Blogs. White papers. Videos. Podcasts. Infographics. eBooks. All following a posting frequency, on a variety of different channels, blasting the key message about your company, your brand, your differentiators.

Yet, when the floodgate of leads and sales fails to open – many people are left wondering what went wrong or worse yet, writing off content marketing as a viable business tactic.

[quote align=”left”]We’ll ask again: why is your content strategy failing? Because you probably don’t have one.[/quote]

Lack of a Documented Strategy

According to the industry-leading Content Marketing Institute, “the percentage of B2C marketers who have a documented content marketing strategy is 27%. You might get hopeful, because 50% of marketers have a strategy. (It’s not written down, that’s all.) That’s a huge problem. If it’s not written down, then it probably doesn’t really exist. Sure, it exists in people’s minds, but how clear is that? How can a strategy that exists in people’s minds guide an organization’s cohesive efforts?”

Cranking out a blog post is one thing – and yeah, it’s pretty simple. But creating a meaningful series of blogs, white papers, analysis that speaks to the right audience persona, appears in the right channel, at the exact right time throughout their buying process – that’s another story.

Though daunting at first, it’s not impossible. Instead of thinking about a 50-page documented content strategy, start simple. At the core of ‘strategy’ is really just the need to set goals and define a clear path for accomplishing them. Think about your goals. Think about your audience. Develop audience personas to help determine what information they need. Then lay it out on a map – one that delivers relevant content throughout their buying process, which provides value to customers; and one that clearly leads to your pre-defined goals.

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