Review: Twitter Moments

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: November 3, 2016

Most Twitter users utilize the platform by viewing tweets and retweets in their timeline that are displayed in the order that they are published. This means that if you don’t want to miss anything in the Twittersphere, you have to constantly check Twitter all day. Enter: Twitter Moments.

Twitter Moments was first released a year ago, but was not a user-facing feature at its launch. Moments pulled together the best of Twitter around a certain topic which, in turn, gave users a place to go to get caught up on all of the trending themes.

Twitter has now released Moments to the public and is encouraging users to create stories around a certain topic by adding relevant tweets, retweets and media.

Screenshot of a tweetHow It Works

To create a Moment, click on the new ‘Moments’ tab on your profile.

Once in the Moments section, you will see any Moments you have already created and can click on the ‘Create a new Moment’ button.

Here you will be prompted to set a ‘cover’ that can be any photos or videos from Tweets in your Moment or you can upload an image. The ‘cover’ is the first thing that fans will see when they go to click on your moment.

The next prompt is to add a description about your Moment — think of this as the tweet that describes what fans can expect when viewing your Moment. Use relevant hashtags and enticing phrases to help promote your story.

It’s now time to start building out your Moment. You can do this by pulling tweets from your favorites in the ‘Tweets I’ve Liked’ section, pulling by account or doing a Twitter search using keywords and hashtags that are relevant to the Moment you are creating.

Check out this Moment that I created around the #MobileFriendly trending topic.

What It Means

Following the ‘story’ theme, Twitter Moments offers brands and companies the option to repurpose their old tweets in a new and exciting way. Whether it’s around a specific sale or trending topic that hits home — this is a great way to put all of your thoughts in one place.

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