It’s Time to Embrace Disruption

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: February 20, 2017

Struggling to wrap your head around new ideas? Embracing change can be a challenge for some but especially for you. If you’re saying #relatable, then you’re an Inside-out Director.

You might be anyone a leader in marketing, student, researcher, C-suite who wants to improve the value of your company but is scared to challenge old ways. You use digital as a tactic instead of a strategy, and this is where your problem lies. Positive change requires a strategy, a vision. Hoping to see ‘digital results’ by focusing on indicators like impressions will cloud your vision and hinder any realization of actual business impact.

Changing Old Ways

[quote align=”left”]Change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes often brings both inconvenience and opportunity. — Robert Scoble[/quote]

To create a real impact, you’re going to have to change your mindset. Personas such as the Positive Disruptor, Thoughtful Innovator and Dynamic Leader embrace disruption and innovation in their organizations. Instead of rejecting change, they welcome it, and so should you! Disruption displaces an existing market, industry or technology and creates something more efficient.

You want to stay at the forefront of marketing and business opportunity, so here’s what you can do: understand the value of digital, create a clear strategy for your goals, and let others help and challenge you too!

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