4 Advantages of Working With a Google Partner

By Amanda Korth, Digital Advertising Manager

Published: May 19, 2017

Today, people are so connected to Google and its network that it’s impossible to deny its magnitude — 3.5 billion searches per day to be exact. Likewise, Google Ads, Google’s advertising system, is an outstanding way to connect to people through digital advertising on mobile, tablets and desktop computers. If people are using the internet, there’s no doubt you’ll reach them through Google Ads.

Google Partners is a program for Google-certified digital marketing firms and other Google Ads account managers. As a Google Partner, Envano helps our partners connect with their local audience by hitting the right person in the right place with the right message.

Consider this:

1. A Google Partner is trained and knowledgeable.

To qualify for the program, a Google Partner must pass a series of exams on the fundamentals of Google Ads, Analytics and mobile site development. Someone trained and certified in Google digital advertising handles your digital ads when you work with a Google Partner.

Google also makes a substantial effort to ensure that their Partners know about new digital marketing opportunities. Google routinely updates their Partners through live trainings, covering a variety of digital advertising topics.

2. You will avoid waiting in line.

You not only have your Google-certified partner on your team — you have Google on your side as well. Google prioritizes their Partners’ needs, so you can rest easy knowing your concerns are handled in a timely fashion.

Google also assigns built-in support teams to each Partner to provide ongoing help with troubleshooting and monitoring account performance. By working with a Google Partner, you’re doubling your digital workforce.

3. A Google Partner is outstanding at what they do.

A Partner not only takes tests on key Google Ads knowledge, Google also bases Partner status off ad success. Google Partners have a continual level of advertising performance they must maintain for their partners (and at Envano, we do that!)

4. You have access to exclusive opportunities.

Envano is not the only one who has access to exclusive training as a Google Partner — our own partners do too. We regularly host Google sessions in our office to share Ads expertise and industry news with our partners.

Google Partners also get hands-on access to beta testing before the rest of the Google Ads community, allowing them to stay at the forefront of digital advertising.

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