4 Reasons You Need to Update Your Website … Like, Yesterday

By Alyssa Wyngard, Interactive Designer

Published: June 6, 2017

When is the last time you updated your website? If you struggle to remember, it might be time to revamp your online space with a fresh design or new content. Here are some things to help decide if it’s time to update your website:

1. Your website features photos of people that are no longer with your company.

“She doesn’t even go here,” right? It’s time to add some new photos of your current employees on your website. Your web presence must represent your company — including your team. Make sure images are high quality and steer away from stock photos. You want to be genuine.

And while we are talking about images, how is your design looking? It’s important to change up your website to keep up with the current trends. Do you consider yourself innovative, forward-thinking and modern? Make your website design reflect that.

Make use of whitespace — you don’t need to cram your website full of content and images. There’s a misconception that content needs to be above the fold, but content also needs to be digested. A good way to break up content is to select a website design that scrolls by section. This type of website features a striking full-width design that’s on-trend.

Our partner U.S. AutoForce recently decided they needed a complete refresh and redesign — check out their new site!

2. It’s full of old content.

To continue to reach your users, your website needs to be updated with fresh content that’s aligned with your target market. Check your calls-to-action (CTAs) often to make sure you’re directing visitors where you want and need them to go.

Keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind to not fall down in rankings. At Envano, we like to think of SEO as PTO, People and Traffic Optimization. We believe in serving up relevant content fit for a human, not a search spider.

3. It’s not mobile friendly.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s not reaching your audience. For the first time in history, more people are connecting online through mobile devices and tablets (51.3%) than desktops (48.7%). Google is even favoring mobile-friendly websites for mobile searches. Your website has to be mobile friendly, responsive and compatible with multiple browsers. Want to test your site’s mobile friendliness? Google Search Console’s Mobile-Friendly Test gives you the thumbs up for your site by checking for potential errors like a too-small font size or overlapping touch elements that would prevent a user from easily clicking a button.

4. You aren’t using user interface to its fullest potential.

User interface, or UI, is the space where computers and humans interact. UI calls attention to different website components like CTAs using dynamic microinteractions. Our partner U.S. AutoForce utilizes UI through responsive buttons and other hover effects on their new site.  GIFs and other animations can show a process or product at work better than a static image. Parallax scrolling (a web design technique where the foreground scrolls slower than the background) also creates visual interest. It’s the little things that make your brand more unique.

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