How Animation Brings Products to Life

By Loy Vang, Senior Digital Designer

Published: January 20, 2020

When you think of animations, do you fall into the preconceived notion that it only includes cartoons? Or do you think of the classic animations you saw on TV when you were younger? Let’s shake up your viewpoint and explore how you can use animations to create a positive user experience that ultimately leads to a strong business impact.

What are animations? 

To put it simply, animations thoughtfully slow things down to show one movement change into another. Today, they have changed how people interact with digital products. 

Animation brings products to life

Think of using your fingerprint to unlock your phone. You intuitively do this either through experimentation or some sort of animation that demonstrates how it is performed. Ultimately, you develop the ability to do this motion without even thinking about it, thanks to simple, universal animations. 

Unlock phone with fingerprint

How can I use animations? 

Ready to apply these principles to a website or an app? Using emotional design to capture people’s reactions to visual experiences helps them feel comfortable with your product. The closer the animation mimics humanity, the better it can shape an emotional response. 

An example of this is when an error message occurs while filling out a contact form on a website. By triggering the toggle animation when information is entered incorrectly, this cues the user to re-enter the information without a sense of fear, frustration or uncertainty. 

Through the use of animations, we are making the product experience more informative, more focused and more expressive so the measurement of success is not only a quantitative one but also a qualitative one.

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