How to Give Your Content a Fresh Chance in Search

By Ryan Drof, Content & Digital Marketing Manager

Published: December 1, 2022

Your content might be great, but it needs a fresh chance to shine. Here are some ways to update your SEO and give your content a fresh chance to rank.

To get your content discovered by people searching online, you need to ensure that search engines can easily find your content. 

As search engines like Google change how they evaluate and display content, you must keep up with their new rules if you want your content to be easily visible. 

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 changes you should make to your content to give it a better chance of ranking higher in search results and being seen by more people as time goes on.

Change your focus keyword

You might not realize it, but changing your focus keyword can help you with SEO content. To ensure your content is optimized for search engines, you must keep up with the trends!

Even though you may write about other things on your website, search engines want to find keywords their users will use. 

You need SEO content to help you optimize for search engines by putting a new focus keyword in there! So look at your SEO content carefully and ensure you’re giving them what they want!

Also, remember URLs when you’re changing focus keywords! Even if you change what people type into Google, ensure your URL is still relevant! This can confuse search engines and prevent them from trusting you with good SEO content. Make sure that everything matches up to avoid accidentally getting into trouble later on.

Update your meta tags

Meta data and meta tags can help you improve your on page content and help users connect to your page.

Meta tags can help you with SEO content as they tell search engines what the page is about. Updating meta tags can help you to improve how your content will rank in search engine results pages.

What meta tags can do for SEO content:

Meta tags can help with SEO by telling search engines what a page is about so they know how to categorize your pages in search results. 

This way, when people search for relevant keywords to your brand, you’ll rank higher when they look at the results. If there is any competitive advantage from ranking higher on Google than other websites, use it!

Remember to update those tags after you make significant changes to your site or have new pieces of content that deserve the promotion.

What keywords can do for SEO:

What makes keywords so powerful is that they let you control how relevant search results will be based on what people enter into search engines when they look for something online. 

As such, if there are words that fit naturally into your site copy without sounding unnatural and have a natural flow in context with other words – use them!

Create new backlinks

Your content on your site is excellent, but for it to get the recognition you want from search engines, you need new backlinks.

A backlink is when someone creates an entry about your content on their blog or website with a link back to yours. Creating new backlinks can help you with SEO content by giving your page more authority and showing Google that people are engaging with your content.

The critical thing here is that you need to look at where you will create backlinks when updating SEO content on your site. If there is any money or other incentives for people to create links from their blogs, then it may not help with rankings. 

Like any form of marketing or advertising, link creation comes with risks if you aren’t careful about how you do it and who you partner with for links. You want quality over quantity when creating new backlinks.

A good idea is to find relevant forums in your niche that you can participate in by adding value. Do people find your content engaging? Do they know who you are?

This is often how new backlinks get created – other forum participants create links because they like what you contribute to their conversations and want others to see it too. Forums also have a more open quality of links which can help when updating SEO content on your site.

Optimize your images

Many content creators need to remember to optimize their images for SEO content. When you upload an image to your blog post, you can add a caption or define the image as a Featured Image. 

Make sure that if you choose a Featured Image for your images, you add keywords where appropriate (e.g., in your caption or title). This will help search engines index your page more quickly and help readers find what they’re looking for more readily when they search online!

The same goes for charts and tables – if you add these visual elements to your SEO content without ensuring they’re correctly optimized, you can leave users confused! Consider adding title attributes (i.e., title = Optimize Your Images ) so that search engines know what each image is about.

Add new content- Remember to re-index!

Adding new content is a great way to give your content a fresh chance in search.

Adding new content is the easiest way to ensure that your SEO content is up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. While this content should still align with what you have already published on the site, it can also help you reach new audiences that would otherwise not see your site in search results. Once you have made these updates, remember to re-index!

Any time you add content to your site, you need to request that Google crawls, the site in order to index that fresh content. You can request a fresh crawl using Google Search Console

Final Thoughts

With these five simple strategies, you can refresh your content and give it a better chance to find more engaged readers.

If you are looking to optimize your content, but don’t know where to start, fill out the form below, and one of our content wizards would be happy to help! You can also find out more about our complete SEO audits to give your content a fresh chance in search.

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