Customer Experience

Brushing Away the Competition

Envano created an engaging campaign that encouraged users to submit their ideas promptly and ensured a quick response to maintain the campaign’s dynamism.


Ariens, a snowblower manufacturing giant, faced a unique dilemma. Their innovative power brush, ideal for light snow and cleanup, needed a launchpad to shine. Photo and video contests, their usual go-to, felt stale. They craved a campaign that sparked creativity, engagement, and a genuine understanding of how customers used their product.

Ariens powerbrush


Envano stepped in with an unexpected solution: an essay contest. Instead of pictures or videos, users would weave tales of their power brush adventures. But this wasn’t just any essay contest. Envano built a custom submission tool that, upon receiving an entry, pinged the Ariens team via the Yo app, allowing for almost instant responses. Submissions flooded in, dwarfing any previous Ariens campaign. Ariens gained brand awareness for the power brush and unearthed a treasure trove of customer insights. They learned about pain points, unexpected uses, and users’ emotional connection with their product.

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