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Helping Snowblower Shoppers Find the Perfect Fit

A leading snowblower manufacturer faced a familiar foe: overwhelmed customers struggling to navigate their extensive product range.


A leading snowblower manufacturer approached Envano with a dilemma – their extensive product line overwhelmed customers seeking the ideal snow-clearing solution. Faced with various snow blowers, consumers struggled to make an informed choice. The challenge was simplifying the selection process, ensuring customers could quickly identify the perfect snowblower tailored to their needs. The client recognized the need to pioneer a user-friendly solution and turned to Envano for help.

Ariens Help Me Choose

Screenshot from 2015


Envano rose to the challenge by crafting a highly effective “Help Me Choose” configurator. The key was simplicity, distilling the decision-making process into a handful of consumer-friendly questions. Behind the scenes, Envano implemented a sophisticated database-driven system to seamlessly match user responses to specific snow blower models. The result was a game-changing configurator that provided a faster and enhanced user experience and empowered dealers with a valuable point-of-sale tool. Envano’s pioneering solution set the stage for similar successes with other clients like Beacon Athletics and Miller Electric, showcasing the agency’s commitment to simplifying complex product selections and enhancing customer experiences.

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