Bankers’ Bank – Creating a Frustration-Free Web Portal

Customer Experience

Bankers’ Bank is a bank for banks nationwide. They provide services, tools and products that make their bank customers more efficient and competitive in today’s mega-bank world.

In this security-sensitive, heavily regulated industry, monitoring and reporting transactions is a paramount component of a successful bank. A web portal is one tool to accomplish this.

The Challenge

The Bankers' Bank team connected with us because they wanted to rethink their current web portal to make it easier to use and to better serve their customers.

The Web Portal

The Solution

From single community banks to multi-location regional banks, we had to keep in mind that each has its own combination of products and services for business, municipal and personal banking. We decided to go to the source and ask Bankers’ Bank’s customers what they like, don’t like and what they want in a new web portal.

Report showing survey statistics and usage with various numbers and pie charts

Collaboratively, we created and administered a survey that helped surface the good, the bad and the priorities that would inform the redesign of a new user interface and backend structure for this very important web portal. Based on the survey results, we put together the wireframes, logo and ultimately a redesigned portal. A tutorial we created guided customers through the new user experience.

The Wireframes

The FireSafe Logo Options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

The Results

Bankers’ Bank customers are successfully using a frustration-free web portal.
With enhanced features and a positive user experience, the feedback on their new web portal has been positive. Bankers’ Bank is now assessing the customer experience across a variety of other services, including credit card applications, dashboards, and auditing to name a few.
The Tutorial