Customer Experience

Envano Develops eCommerce Site for New Product Launch

See how a health-food startup trusted Envano with creating their customer experience.


BOOM Chaga had the product, they had the science, but they needed a website. Their challenge was this: They needed an e-commerce website to sell their product and to educate consumers on the difference between BOOM Chaga and its competitors. Here’s the thing: Chaga has a bad reputation. Chaga mushrooms are incredibly high in antioxidants but also oxalic acid, a leading driver in kidney stones. BOOM Chaga extracted the oxalic acid from their beverage, the only brand that has been able to do so. They needed an effective way to communicate that to prospective customers.


BOOM Chaga had charts comparing themselves to the competition, a lot of them. In addition to developing the entire site in Shopify, Envano also condensed these charts into easy-to-read graphics. Customers no longer had to distill complex information; they could now see how they stacks up at a glance. Reducing customer friction in this way increases trust and differentiates the brand.

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