Wisconsin Children’s Hospital App Gets a Revamp

Web Technologies

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Logo

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is the region’s only independent health care system dedicated solely to the health and well-being of children.

Focusing on providing a wide range of care and support, a Discover CHW mobile app was developed to provide valuable information for families when their child is at one of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin locations.

Mobile Phone Examples of Children's Hospital Mobile App

The Challenge

The Discover CHW mobile app was created with two native versions — one for iOS and one for Android.

Our primary role with Children’s was to take on the maintenance of both versions of the app, but we quickly saw an opportunity to advance the technology and the overall experience of the app which could lead to cost savings.

The Android
The iPhone
Mobile examples of Android and iOS Children's Hospital App

The Solution

Our vision was to recreate the Discover CHW app so it made updates and maintenance more efficient for the Children’s team.

We got to work to convert the two current native builds of the app (iOS and Android) into one hybrid build. This build included utilizing a common code compiled for iOS and Android versions allowing both apps to leverage the same look-and-feel.
CHW App Icon
Old app path vs new hybrid path visual for Children's Hospital
While advancing the technology, we also worked to refresh the content within the app to make it not only a better experience, but to also add multilingual content.
The Refreshed Mockup
Mobile Examples of Multilingual and Locations Screens

The Results

We were able to advance the Discover CHW mobile app into a hybrid app that focused on better use of Children’s budget while enhancing the overall experience.
The CHW Mobile App
Mobile app