Cellphone View of Endries

Started in 1971 as a parts runner for local auto mechanics, Endries International has grown into a major fastener supplier for top OEM brands. Haven’t heard of them? Humility is the likely culprit.

Not one to toot its own horn, Endries operates as a quiet giant. But aggressive growth goals and a game-changing inventory management solution changed all that. Endries sought a partner to help leverage the digital landscape and raise the volume of its voice to better showcase how they do business not just as a supplier, but as a solutions provider.

The Challenge

The digital space is a vast expanse of possibilities. And without the right strategy, it can be quicksand for resources.

So our challenge was to develop a plan that would help refine the brand, expand visibility and allow for iterative change across a variety of digital properties.

Endries Brand Style Guide outline

The Solution

After developing brand standards, personas and a two-year marketing plan, including a website Straudiment, the foundational pieces were in place to grow awareness among Endries’ most sought-after prospects.

Also knowing it would be important to strike while their new inventory management iron was hot, we tested a digital marketing campaign complete with a microsite fully focused on growing awareness and connecting OEMs with the Endries team.

Endries Kiosk example and Pulse microsite

The Result

With built-in flexibility to capitalize on what was working best, while moving away from what wasn’t, the campaign increased visibility of the brand and PULSE.

It also helped us learn more about Endries’ customers and the industry through actual behaviors and proven results — valuable insights that no focus group can touch.

Online awareness of PULSE Solution increased visibility by