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VES-Artex Website Redesign

Learn how Envano saved a website redesign project for VES-Artex.


VES-Artex specializes in creating intelligent barn systems for dairy farms. During a long and expensive redesign process with another agency, VES-Artex was disappointed by the slow progress and poor quality of work. To make matters worse, VES-Artex needed a finished website to present to their leadership team in a few months.


VES-Artex trusted Envano to deliver a high-quality site quickly. We utilized a myriad of digital tools, like BugHerd and Gutenberg blocks, to expedite the process for the client. In the end, we rebuilt over 100 pages on the site in just under three weeks. The tools we leveraged during this process have also helped us accelerate other client projects, allowing us to provide an expedited service when needed. VES-Artex was able to present a finished site to their leadership team and still uses the site to this day.

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