Advertising Agility: Can Your Traditional Advertising Do This?

By Sara Sommercorn, Digital Storyteller

Published: March 23, 2016

You’ve got your ad all set for television and the newspaper after months of planning. Your message is relevant (at least you think it is, it was a couple months back when you first planned your ad campaign), and you’re crossing your fingers that your message lands on the eyes of your target audience. And then, something happens. Suddenly your business conditions change and your ad message, graphics, or ideal audience needs to shift. Can you call your television and newspaper contact in time to change the ad you were required to submit weeks ago? Maybe, but it’ll come at a high cost and unnecessary stress.

This scene is from the days of old, traditional advertising. With traditional methods, you have to place and plan your advertising so early, it’s nearly impossible to remain agile and react to changing business conditions.

Enter digital advertising, where agility is actually possible (and encouraged). Say you have a weather based message to communicate to your audience prior to a massive snowstorm. With digital advertising, we can fire up a campaign that’s tailored to that specific location, within the very radius of the snowstorm – immediately.


Additionally, we can constantly change channels, audience demographics, interests, income levels, and more for greater targeting. If you suddenly need to move some inventory, you don’t have to pre-plan a month or more in advance to deliver the message to the right audience. If you’re not agile, you’ll likely end up losing out on sales!

We can measure results in digital and stay agile in tweaking our message and audience as we understand what’s working, in real time. With digital advertising, the possibilities are nearly endless. Looking to become more agile in your advertising efforts? Fill out our contact form and let’s chat!