Standing In The Shoes of Your Customer

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: March 7, 2016

When it comes to positively impacting our customer’s business, it requires that we walk a mile in their shoes, and that they try on the kicks of their customers.

Think about it. In an effort to empathize with and thereby better serve your customers, you must know a great deal about them. And gone are the days where simple demographics did the trick.

In order to really understand ‘who are my customers?’ you have to ask questions like ‘how do I know what my customers like?’ and ‘what struggles do they have?’ – all while walking through their purchase and decision making journey alongside them.

It sounds simple. Yet sometimes, the simple things are the hardest to actually put into practice.

Standing In The Shoes of Your Customer - Internal

Stand in the shoes of your customer. It’s not complicated (at least, it doesn’t have to be). Imagine yourself, literally, standing in the shoes of your customer.

Pull on your steel-toed boots.

Hot days. Long hours. Hit the ground running, blue collar work. Imagine the work of an outdoor construction worker, fully equipped with the right equipment, safety gear, and steel-toed boots. Who is that person wearing steel-toed boots day in and day out? What are their interests? Who do they associate with? How can you make their day a little easier?

Lace up your sneakers.

A day in the life of a medical professional requires the same fast paced mentality, yet a vastly different approach to reaching, speaking to, and supporting them as a customer. Every day, nurses lace up their comfortable, white tennis shoes – practical, clean, easy.

Don anything but the high heel.

If your audience is comprised of moms, you know they’re busy. They likely wear sneakers, flats, anything that easily slips on and off. You probably won’t catch them wearing high heels. They have young kids, running from soccer to music practice to the grocery store. What’s running through your mind if you’re trying to juggle all of those tasks? How does your product or service impact their day for the better?

All of these are important examples of seeing things from the customer perspective, when promoting your business. Putting yourself in their shoes will change how you talk to them, how you entice them to look at your brand, how you serve them, and ultimately whether or not they choose you for their purchase. All of these considerations will help you develop your unique personas.

The next time you think about your digital marketing strategy, think about shoes. Do you know what it feels like to be in those of your customer? You’ll gain perspective and focus your messaging better if you do.

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