Email Automation Through Customer Journeys

By Sarah Duginske, Digital Storyteller

Published: November 23, 2022

What is Email Automation?

Email automation is a way to personalize your emails and get more out of your marketing campaigns. There are many ways to use email automation, so it’s important to understand the right time and place for it. The most common use of email automation is to guide customer journeys.

What Is Email Automation and How Does it Work with Customer Journeys?

Email automation is a series of emails that are sent to customers based on triggers. For example, if a customer hasn’t made a purchase in six months and you want to get them back into your store, then an email could be sent out inviting them to come and take advantage of an offer or sale.

The trigger can be anything from the time since their last purchase or product viewed to whether they responded to another email.

Email automation is not the same as email marketing. Email marketing focuses on targeting customers based on demographic data (age, gender, income level etc.). In contrast,  email automation targets individual customers based on their behavior within your workflow process or customer journey.

A GIF of a computer rotating through  several email automation triggers in the customer journey.

When Can You Use Email Automation in Your Company?

Email automation is a powerful tool that can be used to increase sales and improve customer relations. It’s one of the most common ways to nurture leads, automate customer service, send out marketing emails and more.

What Do I Need to Implement Email Automation?

To implement email automation, you will need email automation software.

Many different tools are available to create and manage email marketing campaigns. Some of these tools include Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact and HubSpot. Email automation software will help you create personalized emails that can be sent automatically based on customer behavior or preference.

When choosing a software that is right for your company, make sure you are taking into account how many contacts you are storing in the CRM portion of the platform (if applicable) and how many emails you plan to send out per month. Many pricing plans are based on those volumes.

Once you have onboarded the software, you can start crafting your strategy and message to send to customers!

The Ongoing Nurturing Process

The most practical email automation application is an ongoing customer journey nurturing process. Email automation is a powerful tool for communicating with customers. It allows you to send relevant content and information even when you’re not around.

You can use customer journeys to segment your audience so that each group receives the most relevant content for their needs at specific times in their journey. A great example of this is a welcome series of emails sent after someone signs up for your newsletter. This can help your customer feel welcomed and more comfortable with your brand and give them a sneak peek into what they can expect in your newsletter. 

Because each email is sent based on a behavioral l trigger, your business can meet customers where they are and provide them with the information they are looking for as soon as they need it. This provides better support and helps build relationships with potential customers by giving them access to helpful information right away—all without having to wait until someone contacts sales or support! But be warned, it’s essential to make the emails human and authentic; otherwise, your customer may feel as though they are just getting another spam email.

Is Email Automation Right For My Business?

Email automation looks different for every business, and certain platforms are better for certain-sized budgets and companies. Ultimately, email automation is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Need help finding and setting up a system that works for you? Reach out, and one of our email experts can set you up to Dominate Digital!

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