Enough with the Website Survey Pop-ups

By Bill Zoelle, Chief Creative Officer

Published: April 20, 2016

You’ve surely experienced them browsing around the web. One click to a website and no more than 5 seconds after you’ve landed on the homepage, it appears — the unavoidable pop-up survey asking for your feedback.

As digital experts, the value of customer feedback is clear. Ongoing analysis of the digital experience, how customers and prospects interact on a website, and strategic surveys are extremely powerful in informing successful digital strategy. The key to that success, however, hinges on frequency and timing.

Most of these survey pop ups, typically administered by Foresee, are flawed in this way. They immediately disrupt your visitor, erode your brand, and frustrate your customer experience. Think of it this way. If someone has barely initiated a click and you give them a popup to ask them to share their experience, it is like changing the role of the Walmart greeter. Instead of a genuine ‘hello,’ imagine if they stopped you at the door, blocked your path and asked if you’ll let them know how your shopping experience was after you check out?” It doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t shopped yet.

Website Survey

Website visitor surveys, when done right, offer a personalized glimpse into customer behavior, attitudes, and motivations. Consider them a privilege, not a right – and next time you deploy one on your website consider content, context, and most importantly, timing.

Include no more than 10 questions that speak to visit frequency, content consumption, and overall experience. Most notably, deliver the survey when a visitor has completed a certain level of engagement on the site. Wait until they’ve visited ‘x’ amount of pages or exceed a particular time on site. Then, and only then, can you feel comfortable asking for their feedback without eroding their experience.

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