Infographics: Blending Content and Design

By Loy Vang, Senior Digital Designer

Published: September 1, 2017

What are infographics and how do they captivate an audience? According to the world of design, infographics are illustrations of data and information represented by a series of design elements. This can include charts, graphs, numbers, pictures, narratives, diagrams, etc. By using these elements, you can engage with an audience creatively and effectively.

How do you effectively design an infographic and have it be successful? The first approach to consider when designing an infographic is understanding the content at hand. Once you’ve grasped the ideas and direction on what needs to be communicated, the next step is to create a wireframe that illustrates different layout ideas. These ideas could be theme-based (where the content is focused on a specific graphic element) or story-based.

How to Create Infographics:

  1. Color usage: Applying colors, when appropriate, is critical to making an infographic stand out. Using strategic ways to place colors in your infographic will help draw attention to the areas that you want to focus on most.
  2. Graphics are dominant: Typically, two-thirds of an infographic contains design elements and the other third is copy.
  3. Information is clearly communicated: Although having accurate information is crucial, designing the information creatively so that it’s easy to understand is also important.
  4. Understand your audience: Instead of trying to appeal to many different audiences, focus on one targeted audience that will relate to what you are promoting or offering.
  5. Keep it relevant: Make sure the information provided in your infographic is relevant to the targeted audience.
Envano - Social Infographic 2017

Lastly, When these factors are taken into consideration, your infographic will be an effective marketing tool. Here is an example of an infographic that uses all of the above factors:

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