Improve Your Customer Experience with a Touchpoint Map

By Tonita Proulx, Business Partnerships

Published: April 16, 2019

Your customers are out there, engaging with your brand at various touchpoints throughout their journey with you. You can be there or fall behind.

“Focusing on customer experience management (CXM) may be the single most important investment a brand can make in today’s competitive business climate.”

— Forbes

Your customer experience is a paramount component of your brand. “While 80% of companies believe they deliver ‘super experiences,’ only 8% of customers agree,” says Forbes. Today’s brands have some work to do. The good news is there’s an opportunity to blow your competitors off the map … with the right tools. This is where a customer touchpoint map comes in.

What is a Touchpoint Map?

A touchpoint map is an easy-to-use tool that shows the series of touchpoints customers can have with your brand. From the first moment they hear about your brand to making a purchase online, customers can be found in many places throughout the digital landscape. And in some instances, your brand may not be there. A touchpoint map helps to uncover new opportunities as well as areas of improvement in connecting with customers.

One of the keys to improving your customer experience is consistency. Customers need to trust that they will have a seamless experience at each touchpoint, time and time again. When you build a foundation of trust, there’s a solid chance for a purchase. However, today’s customers need a nudge. They need a more personalized experience, an experience that aligns the digital and physical, and ultimately a multi-channel experience. The trouble is, this overabundance of touchpoints can feel overwhelming.

Are you not sure where to start? We recommend auditing your current customer experience and looking for opportunities to adjust how you’re connecting with customers and prospects.

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