The Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Listening

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager & Roxanne Simonnet, Digital Media Specialist

Published: June 19, 2019

People are talking about your brand. Are you listening?

Today, the power of social media is undeniable. It’s where people go to be entertained, catch up with friends, and yes, talk about your business. In between watching GIFs and posting about their latest vacations, consumers are using social media to talk about the experiences they have with brands — the good and the bad. If you aren’t paying attention to what social media users are saying about you, you’re ignoring one of the greatest consumer research tools you have.

The benefits to social media listening are endless, but we’ve narrowed it down to five:

1. You’re aware of your brand being mentioned, even when you aren’t tagged in the post.  

You absolutely want to see what customers are saying about you when they tag you, which is the digital equivalent of saying it to your face. But, what about those customers who, either intentionally or unintentionally, are talking behind your back?

This is where social media listening comes in. It accounts for any time your brand is being mentioned, with or without being tagged. There are numerous social media listening tools out there that will monitor social media platforms for certain keywords you specify, allowing you to see how and when the keywords relevant to your brand are being used. By seeking out these keywords, the tool is able to surface content that discusses your brand, even if you are not tagged.

2. You can find micro-influencers and brand ambassadors.

Is someone complimenting your brand? Reach out and give thanks to continue to build a strong relationship. Instances like these can also lead to the discovery of micro-influencers and brand ambassadors. By fostering these relationships, you can leverage these individuals as positive influencers and advocates of your brand within their community.

3. You can avoid potential PR disasters.

It’s arguable that social media listening can be even more important when it comes to negative posts. If you don’t know someone is complaining about your brand, then you won’t be able to reach out and try to fix it. Even worse, by not responding, it can make it look like you don’t care about the customer’s issue. In extreme cases, these negative posts may even go viral. By being aware of these posts, you are better positioned to address anything negative and prevent it from escalating to a larger issue.

4. You’re able to study the competition and find out how you compare.

By monitoring your competitors, you can gain insight into why consumers are choosing a particular brand over another. By knowing what consumers are saying, you can also get a better understanding of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. You can even measure things like Share of Voice to gauge how you are performing in the market.

5. You can uncover opportunities in social media — and beyond.

Are you being tied into a popular topic in a positive way? Jump on board with your own social media post. One of the best ways to improve your digital presence is to be able to identify what your audience responds well to and then give them more of it.

Social media listening can also help you identify new opportunities beyond the social media sphere. These tools combine all the data across platforms, so you can more easily identify common themes. Maybe customers are continually praising an element of your business, or frequently asking for a new feature. This can help you identify opportunities for improvement far more quickly and cost effectively than traditional market research.

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