Two Decades of Dominating Digital Advertising | Envano’s 20th Anniversary

By Austin Walker, Digital Storyteller

Published: October 12, 2021

Over the last two decades, Envano has learned how to adapt to the ever-changing digital advertising space with distinct strategies and processes. Hear from our CEO, David Sauter, on what it was like to take a digital marketing firm from 2001 to 2021.

The Evolution of the Digital Advertising Realm

In 2001, the internet was a different place. The search engine giant Internet Explorer was at war with Netscape, and held almost 90% of the market share. JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets had a limited range in terms of what they were able to support, and they didn’t allow for pages to be styled and scripted the way they are today. Names like HotBot, Lycos, AskJeeves, AltaVista and Yahoo! were some of the more popular search engines/indexes until Google began gaining market share.

2001 Envano to 2021 Envano

At the forefront of digital marketing, Envano has been in the game for 20 years. We’ve been working in the digital realm ever since the golden age of the internet. In the early days of the web, there were fewer tools and services, so if we wanted to do something cool, we had to invent it. We had to do everything, from experimenting with the early platforms of social media, to animating, and even content management. The tools that resulted from these early Envano inventions were what we liked to call “updaters”.

“In the early days of the web, there were fewer tools and services, so if we wanted to do something cool, we had to invent it.”

David Sauter, CEO.

Webpage design and format were also drastically different twenty years ago. If you’re feeling a bit curious, try visiting The Wayback Machine for a glimpse of how our website evolved from 2001 to the present day. Image size and page load time were extremely important when trying to get viewers to interact. Many users on-ramps to the internet were still using 56k baud modems and early cable connections. Video was tiny and pixelated, but the imagination of what was possible energized us every day!

Initially, clients felt that Envano’s services were just for educating their audience, but eagerly and patiently we opened their eyes to see the larger role that digital plays with customers and commerce. We’ve loved seeing the changes in marketing and all the ways we’ve had to adapt over the past two decades. Every challenge and experiment has helped us improve as a firm and a team.

We’re looking forward to continuing to tackle ever-advancing technology, and we’re excited for whatever the future holds. Here’s to another two decades of dominating digital!

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