Utilizing your Website for Recruitment with a Careers Page

By Alexis Tate, Content Marketing Manager

Published: November 8, 2022

Utilizing your Website for Recruitment

Have you ever landed on a company’s careers page where their employees look like they’re having the time of their lives and instantly felt FOMO? Because, same here! But honestly, that just means their website is doing a great job of attracting new talent. Oftentimes when a business is building its website, all they focus on is lead generation. While customers are essential for a successful business, having a great team is just as important. A great website can attract both prospective customers and new employees. 

Design with new talent in mind

When creating a website or undergoing a redesign, it is important to design with your goals in mind. Having a designated area for job openings is a great place to start. For recruitment website design, we recommend adding a careers page. This is the place to convince potential employees why they should apply for a position at your company over the competition. Share a bit about what you do, your company mission statement and values, and what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate.

A careers page is the perfect forum to expand on why your business is a great place to work. Share cool projects your business has worked on, fun events you’ve hosted or attended, benefits, access to cutting-edge technology, office life, and if you’re lucky, your CHOs (aka chief happiness officers, aka office dogs).

A hub for new talent can make the hiring process more seamless by providing document-sharing options for resumes and applications. That way, potential employees can apply right then and there after reading about how amazing your company is. 

Short video sharing reasons to work at Envano featuring employees

Share media that showcases company culture

Designating a portion of your website to share about your company’s culture is key. At Envano, we have a wall in our break room that features goofy pictures we’ve taken of our team. We’re constantly swapping them out with funnier pictures and love teasing each other in good fun about them. This break room wall is something that we share on our website and social channels to give a window into daily office life here at Envano.

photo of Envano break room wall featuring goofy photos of employees

Another personal touch to give potential new hires a glimpse of what it is like to work for your company is through team photos and biographies. At Envano, we are proud of our team, so we dedicated a portion of our website to featuring each of them so that people can learn more about who we are and what each team member does! 

Black and white circular images of envano employees

Don’t skimp on the details

Make sure that on your careers page, you have each role you are hiring for in a clear and easy-to-find place. The more details you can provide on the ideal qualifications, skills, attitude, education and experience, the better. This is a great way to weed out people who are not a good fit for certain positions. Be sure to also feature things like salary range, benefits, vacation time and scheduling information. Consider also adding an FAQ section about the role and or company to give additional insight to candidates. 

Share your passion!

On your careers page, be sure to share the things that make you excited about your business and team! Whether it’s special opportunities and experiences, testimonials, awards, a flexible hybrid schedule, remote work option or fun team events, this is the place to get candidates excited about applying at your company.

Don’t just limit it to the careers page

Keep in mind that candidates will likely explore your entire website, so keep new talent in mind throughout your entire website build or redesign. Consider their journey as they click through your site to make sure that once they land on your careers page they are ready and excited to apply! 

graphic of green star on white background, text reads "we're always looking for talented people."

What sets your careers page apart from your competition?

Today’s job market is incredibly competitive and fast-paced. People who are unhappy at their current jobs are eager to move on, and many businesses have open spots to fill, so it’s important to have that “something special” that sets your business apart from the competition. Let your website do the hard work for you by utilizing your website for recruitment with a careers page. 

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