How to Approach Digital Advertising in 2024

By Jireh De La Cruz, Digital Marketing Analyst

Published: January 9, 2024

Recap of changes in 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023, let’s take a moment to recap the shifts in the digital advertising landscape. Last year saw many changes, from policy shifts to AI-powered integrations. The average cost per lead rose due to economic headwinds, and we said goodbye to expanded text ads. Google’s Universal Analytics tool ended, and a new date for the death of third-party cookies was set.

In the face of these changes, clients and Envano alike were left pondering the impact. How did economic headwinds affect marketing strategies, and what did the integration of AI mean for ad creation? The answers were unclear, but one thing was sure, adaptability was the key to success.

How did Envano address these changes?

Envano took charge by maintaining constant communication with clients. Through regular meetings and immediate actions, we tackled challenges head-on. Adapting to this shifting landscape required a strategic overhaul. We re-examined our approach, reallocated budgets, created fresh content, and harnessed the power of AI to craft compelling new ads.

Three key takeaways from 2023

Adaptability is non-negotiable: The digital landscape is constantly evolving. To stay ahead, flexibility and adaptability are paramount.

Communication is key: Constant communication with clients fosters trust and ensures a collaborative approach to overcoming challenges.

Strategic overhaul pays off: Re-examining strategies and allocating budgets strategically can turn potential pitfalls into opportunities.

As we embark on 2024, new challenges and opportunities await us. Due to the sunsetting of third-party cookies, Google will roll out policy changes to reshape personalized ad formats. New policies around advertising financial services are already rolling out.

How may they affect clients and Envano?

The personalized ads update provides more limitations, restricting targeting based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, and ZIP code. Meanwhile, the demise of third-party cookies will reshape retargeting strategies, bringing in a new era of transparency requirements and prohibited practices.

Envano is already working to address these challenges.

We are ahead of the curve, actively guiding clients through the upcoming changes. Transparency requirements, prohibited practices, and account setup requirements are all part of the detailed plan we’ve crafted to ensure a smooth transition. By focusing on search ads, we can ensure targeted and relevant advertising while complying with new regulations.

Three key takeaways for digital advertising in 2024

Adapt and thrive: Change is inevitable. Those who adapt quickly will thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Keyword power: In 2024, we predict search ads will be a cornerstone of success. Keyword-powered strategies will be the driving force behind effective advertising.

Envano’s commitment: Our commitment to staying ahead of industry changes ensures that clients confidently navigate the future of digital advertising.

Work with us

Envano stands out as the partner of choice in navigating the dynamic world of digital advertising. Our people-first approach, coupled with proactive communication, strategic planning, and adaptability, ensures that clients weather industry changes and emerge stronger and more successful than ever before. In 2024 and beyond, choose Envano for a partner committed to guiding your brand through the waves of change with expertise.

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