Digital Advertising

Hyper-Targeted Advertising Strategy for
Superior Industrial Maintenance

Learn how Envano helped an industrial coating solutions company reach its niche audience.


Superior Industrial Maintenance is a leading industrial coatings contractor. Recently, they launched their Fixxus solution, providing food and beverage manufacturers with innovative food safety coatings. Due to their niche industry and service offerings, Superior needed help finding quality leads and promoting their new solution through digital advertising.


Superior partnered with Envano because of their hyper-targeted advertising expertise and solution-centric approach. Envano redesigned and optimized Fixxus’ landing page and created hyper-targeted digital advertising campaigns to capture their niche audience. The team at Envano worked to optimize and fine-tune their ads throughout the campaigns to ensure quality leads. The campaign was a success; several leads turned into clients, and Superior gained brand awareness for their Fixxus solution. 

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