Successful Strategy Starts With a Straudiment

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: June 28, 2019

Success in business today demands agility. Business problems must be defined and dealt with swiftly. For today’s business leaders, assessing the current landscape is key to developing an effective digital marketing strategy. Now the question remains, how can we accomplish this? We help audit our clients’ current digital approach, assess the competitive landscape, and make recommendations for improvement and growth through what we call a straudiment.

What Does Straudiment Mean?

A straudiment is a written document that assesses a current situation positioned against the opportunity for growth, building an actionable strategy – a combination of an audit, assessment and strategy. For instance, think of it as you would a car – most people do not drive 10,000 miles without maintenance or at least a diagnostic checkup. The same is true for digital touchpoints. A website, among other channels, always requires maintenance and updates. An Envano digital audit acts as that diagnostic exam, providing a tangible snapshot of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the digital space, a tool that becomes increasingly more valuable with the ever-changing nature and pace of technology.

The business value of investing in a digital straudiment lies in the outside perspective. Too often, organizations operate from the inside out, and not in a good way. This outside-in perspective brings light to internal and external roadblocks, opportunities and low-hanging fruit.

The Results

Several of our partners started working with us when they were in need of an external perspective. In addition, our perspective provided the evaluation of their digital marketing initiatives. Through an audit and assessment, Envano helped bring to unseen light areas for growth that offered a competitive advantage. Including recommendations to better cater to audiences while driving profitable change.

Assessing where you stand as a company and devising a plan to get where you want to be. Intelligence is key to successfully implementing business initiatives, on or offline. Envano believes in an approach that puts people first, determines the process, and employs technology. In one instance, our client, a used heavy equipment sales company, believed they just needed a makeover of their current website. Through our discovery process, Envano helped them completely change how they tailor communication to better connect with the audiences within their diverse business segments. Equally important, understanding their audience before revising their digital communications was the key to moving the needle.

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