What’s in a Company Name? Innovation. Creativity. Impact.

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: February 6, 2013

Success in business today demands agility. With the constant flux of technology, trends and consumer behavior, something new to navigate is always lurking around the corner. Business problems shift, but they always abound.

We’ve found that one of our clients’ primary goals heading into 2013 is building relationships – through Awareness, Relevance and Engagement. This got us thinking. Most of our energy at Envano is outward facing – we spend a great deal of time solving problems, coming up with innovative approaches and growing the business of our clients. Less effort is spent on effectively communicating what Envano stands for. As a result, many do not know who we are, understand the value of what we offer, and do not know the reason why our clients, as partners, stick around for so long.

So, our goal moving into this year, inspired by our partners, is to add some transparency around who we are and why we love what we do – starting with our name.

Envano Defined

At Envano, we spend a chunk of our time explaining over and over the meaning of the word that adorns our business cards. Here’s the explanation, truly representative of our solid values and penchant for creativity:

  • en- as a prefix: (Greek/Latin etymology) go/put onto or into, cover with, cause to be, provide with; envelop, enviable, envisage
  • van- (1): shortening of vanguard, the forefront; n. (2) any creative group active in innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field [syn:avant-garde, vanguard, new wave]
  • o- (suffix): one that is, has the qualities of, or is associated with <bucko>

Therefore, Envano is: an entity that has the qualities of and/or is associated with the all-encompassing creative cutting edge. Because that is a mouthful, we boil it down to..

En                     van                      o

(Going into)    (the forefront)    (of creativity).


What does it mean for our clients?

This definition is representative of the core of what we do: we take ordinary, often seemingly unsolvable problems and turn them into innovative, agile and forward propelling business solutions. You may struggle with business communication and collaboration within your organization – a problem that’s plagued traditional companies for as long as we can remember. In 2013, we answer that challenge with social business, leveraging the psychological advantage of existing social media communities to promote innovation in a business setting.

We help our clients be more competitive, challenge the status quo. Share your business problem and we’ll challenge you to think, act and deploy differently. Altering the rules, changing conversations and challenging your approach to defining solutions, we offer interactive business strategies that drive business results.

So, what’s in our name? Innovation. Creativity. Impact. A small glimpse into the foundation of who we are and what we stand for. It doesn’t matter if it’s made up, it matters that it’s made up. We don’t fear creating something out of nothing – what matters is the meaning crafted around it, how you present it, and whether your actions represent your words.