4 Ways to Amplify Your Content Through Flipboard

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: December 3, 2013

Flipboard is a unique content aggregation service that offers a simple way for publishers to render their content in a magazine-like layout within the Flipboard mobile apps and website. Three years after launch, Flipboard now caters to over 85 million users. If that’s not enough of a driver to jump onboard, here are 4 reasons why you need to amplify your content distribution with Flipboard.

  1. Social Engagement. Flipboard is built around social media engagement, both when it comes to listening and gaining visibility for your content. Flipboard has made it easy by consolidating your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ feeds into a magazine, which you can then flip (load) your brand posts into. And from a visibility perspective, those articles on Flipboard that are most widely “liked,” “tweeted,” and “shared” have greater likelihood of showing up in widely read Flipboard feeds.
  2. Events and Campaigns. “With the option of creating multiple magazines in different categories you now have a platform where you don’t have to put all your content on one page! With this option you can create dozens of magazines for your events or campaigns. Keep the storytelling style of your magazines for events fresh. Make sure the description is clear and succinct and explains the purpose of your magazine.”
  3. Products and Services. “Last month, the iOS and Android versions of Flipboard introduced a new sort of social sharing: the ability to create catalog-like listings by bringing products from the web into Flipboard magazines. Now if the content you “Flip” happens to be a product page on an e-commerce site, Flipboard does its best to parse it as such, bringing the relevant information, such as the price and product photo, into your magazine, along with a link back to the web page.” 
  4. Drive Traffic. Marketing your brand is about being everywhere in a wide range of media formats to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your web properties. Millions of people use Flipboard to read and collect the news they care about, curating their favorite stories into their own magazines on any topic imaginable. Original articles posted on Flipboard will always direct readers back to your website.

Getting content on Flipboard is relatively easy and can be done in two ways: becoming a Flipboard publisher or creating a Flipboard magazine and sharing it. Check out Envano’s Flipboard for additional information on amplifying your interactive reach or subscribe to some of the best Flipboard magazines for CEOs.