Behind the Move: New Location, Same Solid Approach

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: February 4, 2014

The hustle and bustle of the new year always keeps us on our toes – from new clients excited to pull the trigger on long awaited interactive projects to our reignited quest do things bigger, better, and more impactful in the digital space, Envano is always buzzing.

But as many are finally getting ‘settled’ into 2014, we’re still busy getting settled into our new home. This past weekend, we’ve officially moved into our new office – outfitted with the latest gadgets and our signature splash of purple – we finally have a home that’s reflective of our growing team, our creativity, and our unique, sometimes quirky interactive business.

Envano Interactive Office

And while we’re eager to show off our new digs, we’re even more excited to usher in 2014 as the age of interactive business, to help bolster your strategic planning, launch the digital initiatives that position you ahead of competition, and generate measurable and actionable data for a clear return on investment.

All in all, we’re armed and ready in 2014 to help make the Internet work for you and work to build your bottom line. The only difference this year? Thanks to our new space, we’ll probably do it with just a little more swag.

Stop in anytime and visit us at our new location: 2985 South Ridge Road Suite A, Green Bay.