Joining a Team of Experts – A Newcomer’s Perspective of Envano

By Griffin Brautigam, Digital Marketing Specialist & Strategist

Published: November 16, 2023

While applying for jobs earlier this summer, I found an Envano job posting for a Digital Marketing Strategist. I. Love. Strategizing. The mission statement, “aligning customer’s physical and digital customer experience,” impressed me. I’ll take you through how and why Envano has impressed me in my first 90 days at the company.

My Digital Marketing Background 

First, a little about me: my background is in video production and editing, but I needed to expand my skills, so I took up digital marketing. I’ve created, grown, and maintained successful e-commerce sites ($90M revenue sites) and helped companies turn their ship towards caring about their digital presence. I landed at Envano because I wanted to do more of those things.

Positive First Impressions

Upon arriving for my interview, a big sign welcomed me that said, “Welcome, Griffin!” Throughout the interview, I started to understand just how much the people here are experts at what they do. They really care about their customers. They really care about me and my interests/inclinations. The interview went well, and I started about a month later.

Confirmed Impressions

The first few weeks were a whirlwind of spooling up on various client projects and learning how Envano operates. There were a few things that I noticed immediately:

Envano is a team of digital marketing experts.

A person can expect that an agency has experts. What shocked me was not just the depth but the breadth of knowledge each team member possessed. Everyone here knows enough about everything to be “dangerous.”

Room to grow.

The position I applied for was technically a Digital Marketing Strategist, but the role I was offered was Digital Marketing Specialist and Strategist. Envano believes that I can grow into my role as a strategist while still providing an immense amount of value as a specialist.

They have your back.

If you speak up during a meeting with a new idea, they will help expand upon it. You won’t be shut down. This speaks to the collaborative nature of Envano’s culture. There are no stupid questions, and there are no dumb ideas. Everyone wants what is best for the customer.

Leveraging Digital Marketing

I had favorable first impressions with Envano, and I’ve only been proven right since. This team of experts has immense knowledge and talent. Our Stories page shows how we leverage this knowledge, talent, and care for our clients. And how we could leverage them for you, too 👀.

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