Turn a Sea of Data Into Data You Can See

By Stevie Sleeter, Content & Social Media Manager

Published: March 25, 2014


In 1983, Apple published a print ad for Apple Business Graphics, a software package that gave Apple II and Apple III computers “the power to convert rows and rows of numbers to — or pounds of printout — into one simple, colorful, comprehensible illustration.”

Thirty years ago, the tech giant was clearly ahead of their game. Today, more than ever as we sift through a sea of data, it’s crucial that we deconstruct and represent everything from numbers to nodes into something easily digestible that we can see.

Something simple. Something actionable.

There are more people in more places doing more things with technology and generating more data every second than ever before.

For this reason, leading businesses looking to capitalize on, learn from, and improve via information about their customers’ beliefs, behaviors, and actions must learn how to comprehend vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

Some can glance at a spreadsheet of numbers and recognize correlations and form an analysis. But more often than not, most of us don’t have the time or the inclination to dig into pages of numbers. Visualizing information so we can see the connections that matter and designing that information is a must in today’s device-powered culture. Visualizing data so it makes more sense, tells a story, or allows us to focus on only the information that’s important leads to actionable intelligence.

Stop suffering from information overload or “data glut” and connect with us to learn more about how visualized data can help you better predict and drive customer actions and drive smarter business. After all, when you’re lost in information, a clear map is not only useful but also necessary.