Making Changes That Stick

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: September 18, 2014


The culture of any organization is dependent on a happy workforce. No company can grow without passionate employees fighting for constant improvement.

So when that culture becomes a bad one, what is the best way to grow and change, without creating havoc amongst your employees?

According to the Harvard Business Review, we should take note from Alcoholic’s Anonymous. The 12 step program is meant to make you a better person, and it might be smart for CEOs to take note. According to, here are some of the ways organizations can inspire change:

1. Know that you have to be willing to change to make any improvement.

“You can’t force people to change– you can only help them want to change,” according to

2. Take a look at old habits.

Are these habits holding you back? How can you introduce new habits to improve the overall environment?

3. Work together as a team.

There are very few things that get an employee to care about their company than having a feeling of belonging, or teamwork. Introduce an environment of peer support and have your employees brainstorm changes to the company.

4. Continually brainstorm on how you can make the company better.

When employees feel like they are a part of this process, they feel a part of something. Change needs to be a constant process.

5. “The goal is progress not perfection.”

Improvement doesn’t happen overnight, so make sure to celebrate any growth and achievement of goals — even in the short term.

Change is never an overnight process. By taking some of these small steps, you can create a culture where change is no longer scary, and employees feel like they are a part of moving the company forward.