Balancing Short-Term Solutions & Long-Term Strategy

By David Sauter, CEO

Published: March 1, 2015

When companies think “major innovation,” it’s often coupled with thoughts of a large investment — in time, resources, and money. What most business leaders don’t know, or consider, is the fact that innovation doesn’t have to occur all at once, in one fell swoop. Innovation can occur overtime with an iterative approach and still result in just as much success. Small steps and the willingness to adjust on the fly means greater results overtime.

Executing on a long-term strategy plan can seem daunting and overwhelming, and in many cases falls flat because teams break their backs trying to accomplish a major overhaul, overnight. When in reality, taking small steps and developing short-term solutions that build up to long-term growth has proven to yield the greatest gain.

An Iterative Strategy

When we work with our clients, we guarantee to consistently bring them forward in growth at their company’s pace. But we understand, especially with big companies, that process and internal systems can create roadblocks to getting things done overnight.

As such, our experience in strategy leads us to start by creating a long-term vision that is realized through short term, iterative steps accomplished along the way. This agile approach, although not always what companies want (let’s face it, a part of all of us wants instant gratification), is the easiest way to enact lasting change — either throughout a business or in a specific, complex project. Small steps are more likely to spur success.

How We Closed The Gap

Closing the gap between long-term vision and where you are today is a guiding sentiment of an iterative approach.

With multiple clients, we’ve seen a common issue arise in wanting to offer a mobile-friendly site but being unable to transition their current site to responsive design overnight. Time and resources in most medium to large companies, layered with things like complex software systems, make a whole site overhaul difficult and time consuming.

Focused on an agile approach, we’ve developed several mobile catalogs in the interim of transitioning a full site to responsive.

Looking to aid in consumer buying decisions, Ariens came to Envano with hopes of providing immediate information and in-store support for their customers. Envano built an Ariens web app to provide a mobile-friendly experience for product comparison and reviews, offering a quick and easy way for consumers to obtain insight on what to buy. This temporary transition from desktop site to mobile site without jumping headfirst into a responsive design build and a brand new website gives site users an immediate improved experience. It also made the transition of the site fully to responsive design much easier a few months later.

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