The Process for Successful Digital Strategy & Planning

By Tonita Proulx, Business Partnerships

Published: April 26, 2016

Today’s customers desire relationships with brands.  People want to stay connected to brands that play positive roles in their lives and the lives of others. In an increasingly connected landscape, the easiest way for most guests to do this quickly and effectively is to seek out those brand relationships and ongoing conversations online. Brands can choose to engage or ignore.

On top of staying on the leading edge of your industry and creating more meaningful, lasting relationships with customers, digital is beneficial in:

    1. Providing a Competitive Advantage – A solid digital approach can position a company above competition in organic search, highlight exclusive features and ultimately solidify the brand as a ‘trusted advisor.’
    2. Enhancing Customer Experience – Products and services are easily enhanced, and taken to the next level, when replicated online.
    3. Calculating Value and Return – Digital is a cost effective, high impact, measurable, promotional channel; where ‘push marketing’ only creates transactional relationships.

An exceptional online experience is vital to create and maintain an audience-focused approach that differentiates. Think beyond the store – your brand does not exist only inside a building.

A complete digital strategy includes interaction at every point along the path to purchase, from researching products to sharing content to purchasing. These touch points occur both in and out of physical locations, and consumers are increasingly using technology to simplify and improve the process.

The vision is clear. Yet for many, the question is – how do we get there? Fill out our contact form and let’s chat!