My First Month at Envano

By Sara Sommercorn, Digital Storyteller

Published: February 24, 2017

Working at Envano is nothing like I expected. It’s better.

Another World

Envano is vastly different than any job I was used to. Here, we have a flat organization. Confused? I was too at first. Unlike any corporate environment, a flat organization has no hierarchy. Everyone here is the expert in their field.

This is not found in any definition of a flat organization, but I believe that our culture is part of what makes us close. Because we are all equals, our lines of communication are completely open. But we are not just close because of our lack of hierarchy, we also do a lot to make everyone feel welcome.

Jumping on Board

My first week at Envano mostly meant lunches where my coworkers shared embarrassing stories. Considering I have had my fair share of those, I feel like we bonded over this. I also received a welcome box filled with office supplies and most importantly, candy. Another part of my welcome box were books that our CEO gives everyone at Envano. These books teach us about serving leadership, starting with why and shedding fears.

Sara sitting at her desk, working on her laptop.

All of the lessons in these books are deeply ingrained in our culture. The one theme I noticed the most is serving leadership. I chat with our creative director every other week. During these meetings, he asks me what’s going well, what challenges I face and changes I want to see. He takes time out of his busy day to give me advice. That’s what serving leadership is all about: putting the needs of others first to help them reach their potential.

One-on-one meetings were a big part of my first week and month at Envano. This involved sitting down with everyone individually and talking about anything we wanted. I found it much easier to feel comfortable with everyone by doing this.

Beyond Words

I am a digital storyteller, but I do more than just write. I form unforgettable memories, laugh a lot and am thankful everyday for my job.

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