Working at Envano With a Team Like No Other

By Amanda Korth, Digital Advertising Manager

Published: May 1, 2017

“So what does a digital storyteller do?”

After a few months at Envano Interactive Business, this is how I attempt to sum up my new job in a nutshell when asked:

I write exciting content for fun partners.

I spend most of my time at Envano writing on behalf of our partners or acting as the voice of Envano via our avenues of communication. My days fill with research on social media and marketing trends, writing and crafting ads, discussions of strategy and leveraging technology. As a digital storyteller, I really do tell stories. I highlight successes, share intriguing tactics, get creative.

Over the shoulder of Amanda, Envano digital storyteller, while typing.

My team is filled with experts.

During my first month at Envano, I was so impressed (still am!) by the sheer expertise found on my team. I work on a strong team, filled with strategists and analysts, designers and developers, project managers and financial folks, storytellers and leaders. Combined, we are unstoppable.

Beyond that, people on my team love photography, animal rescue and “Office Space.” When first I sat down with a team member for a one on one, I was asked, what else are you passionate beyond your job description? In the first month day, I found a workplace that inspires creativity and encourages me to follow my bliss.

And we have office dogs.

During my interview process, Envano’s Chief Happiness Officers, Lillemor and Lola, welcomed me each time I visited the office. Like the rest of the Envano team, they take their jobs very seriously. They scamper through the office, sit on laps or snooze in the afternoon sun.

In the past month, I’ve learned that we work really hard, but we have a lot of fun too. Bouts of laughter often punctuate internal meetings. Work pods playfully squabble over who is the most fun (my pod is, in case you were curious). I look forward to going to work each day.

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